As the newest FuelNOWer, tasked with Customer Success, I thought I would write about what that means to me. My name is Barbara Willborn and I am the Customer Success Manager here at FuelNOW.

Customer Success is vital to a company’s growth. This fairly new role in the industry works FOR the customer to make them as successful as possible. Proactively reaching out and helping to solve obstacles, even before the customer is aware, helps them realize their full potential and makes the relationship stronger as you collectively work towards success together.

Customer Success is first and foremost about the long-arc. There’s no end point for success. Instead, you’re working hand-in-hand with your customer over time to create value that your customer wouldn’t have seen on their own.

Customer Experience is quite different than Customer Service. Customers primarily use the service aspect when they are trying to reach you to lodge a complaint or finding a solution to an issue they encountered. Customer Experience is about making sure your customers are happy. Going above and beyond is my primary focus. Finding ways to help make your business be the best it can be and the most successful and profitable.

Open, honest and transparent communication is key to a valuable relationship. Whether that relationship is personal or business, this holds true. My goal is to add value with each and every transaction I have with my customer. I help them map their process and goals.

Customer success is a growth driver, it is not about retaining customers. Successful customers are the key to increasing the bottom line. I am relentlessly working towards the benefit of our customers. Their happiness is my success!

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