Hello FuelNOW fan! If we haven’t already met, my name is Bridgette and I am proudly FuelNOW’s Chief Customer Officer and COO. We’re doing some pretty amazing things here at FuelNOW, and I love coming to work every day and getting to see the happiness our tech start-up journey spreads.

It seems lately I am not the only one observing the smiles on FuelNOW faces.  Others are seeing a special pep-in-our-step because often times I am asked What makes FuelNOW different… or, What is it that makes the FuelNOW team so connected? This got me thinking that I should share a bit more behind something in the halls of FuelNOW that does stand out – Our culture. Now, hopefully I did not lead you to believe I am going to dish out all of our secret culture sauce, but I think one element that speaks to us is what we call: Autonomously Awesome!

You see, at the core of every FuelNOW-er we believe everyone has something unique to lend as we gather around the tables and whiteboards to debate – laugh – pause – question – and build together. Sure, we all have mad skills and we are eager to evolve them.  But, there is more to it than just skills for us.  Whether you’re the quiet one who wows with numbers like a data scientist on steroids, sporting every day a different pair of the world’s most interesting socks… to the ever-so-smiling, energizer bunny in the office that knows the way to win customer’s hearts, does yoga during lunch breaks, and is productive beyond measure… we revel at how each of us embrace and can be comfortable being autonomously awesome. This is a core to our company – having the freedom to be comfortable and confident in who we are while having the safe, and supportive, space to grow and expand. In fact, in our wheelhouse, if you aren’t evolving then something’s up.

There is a phrase that I have around that reads, “Make today so amazing that yesterday is jealous”. This is exactly the mantra FuelNOW embodies, whether it be for ourselves – our customers – our product – our partners. We like to start our days ready to conquer the day, ending hopefully always on a high note. And, I hope I have not implied we are the only ones who deserve to carpe diem. Which is why it would only be befitting I wish to end this post by wishing you will always start your day being autonomously awesome!

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