There isn’t a day that goes by where FuelNOW’s vision and mission doesn’t journey through my mind, and sometimes more particularly how the technologies we’re bringing into the hands of the industry are meant to make people pause, think and do… for the better. This invigorates me every day, because the energy industry is in an era where technology can now be more holistically viewed as a friend, rather than a foe… making it more possible than ever before to advance the industry beyond its current norm.  And, when we’re hearing global industry leaders now acknowledge technology is a critical component to their survival and relevance, the cries for technological advancement couldn’t be louder.

Technology is critical… it will ultimately play a role in unlocking solutions for most, if not all, of our challenges.

— Darren Woods, Chairman and CEO, ExxonMobil (TheLamp Publication, Q1-2018)

I love that industry giants are getting it; they are opening arms to the transubstantiation. Increasing higher-value and market capture retention is about untangling complexity through the use of digital platforms and technologies. In the end, the victor will be the one that didn’t view adding a few new features and functionality to legacy systems and processes as the means to success, but who knows a digital strategy is at the heart of competitive survival. This speaks exactly to FuelNOW’s vision and purpose… transcending legacy limitations and disrupting the operational norms of “the last mile” in the energy ecosystem because at the nucleus of our mission – we aim to untangle complexity. We recognize our digital platform is setting the stage to be the office of the future for the energy ecosystem… where everyone and everything can connect, engage, transact and simply get stuff done! Call it game changing… call it disruptive… call it what you will, but we begin every day excited and motivated to help this industry reach new digital transformative potentials and engagement for the betterment of all.

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  1. Justin Haynes

    I have to agree with the fact the energy industry, and more particularly oil & gas, is ready for digitization to help move things to a better generation. The industry has been around for over a hundred years. This has, undoubtedly, been perhaps the largest culprit to the “this is the way it has been” mentality that has plagued views for some time. But, I say this also recognizing that the receptiveness to new ways and creative opportunities for evolving from how things are done today is growing. Love what you guys are trying to do here – keep it up.

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