As a FuelNOW Onboarding Specialist, I love that I get to shape the beginning of our customers’ FuelNOW journeys. Just like the chef who creates an amazing first course experience for a culinary masterpiece, my intention is to whet the fuel logistic appetites of our customers; and encourage them to look forward to the other courses on our FuelNOW menu. I believe that my success as a FuelNOW Onboarding Specialist relies heavily on two things: creating a world class FuelNOW onboarding experience and inviting our customers to become part of the FuelNOW narrative.

I want FuelNOW onboarding to be more than just activating accounts, loading data, installing software, and showing people how to do things. I want to be the trusted guide for our customers as they explore the FuelNOW universe. I seek to provide proper and patient instruction instead of giving customers an information dump. I want our customers to come to me when they are lost so I can lead them back to the yellow brick road. I am looking for moments to dig deeper into the customer’s daily work routine so I can demonstrate how tedious tasks are simplified in the FuelNOW ecosystem. I will know that an onboarding experience has been successful when our customers are showing me how they use FuelNOW instead of me showing them.

I do believe that inviting our customers to become part of the FuelNOW narrative requires a bit more finesse. I believe this is a team effort rather than an individual one. Every role should have at least two measures of success. One specific to the role; and one specific to the company. Inviting customers to become part of the FuelNOW story should be a goal at every facet from customer success to onboarding to training to customer support. Besides being FuelNOW champions, I envision our customers being instrumental to the evolution of FuelNOW Network. As their needs and requirements change, the FuelNOW menu of products and services will evolve to meet those changes.

Indeed, onboarding is just the beginning of a continuous and exciting FuelNOW journey and one that I am focused on making every customer become a part of.

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  1. Bridgette Penel

    Mike, this is so well said on so many levels around customer success. You know you’ll achieve a true customer champion when, as you say, “… they are showing you how they leverage FuelNOW”. I can’t wait to read your future blog posts on the FuelNOW advocates and champions you have created in the last mile ecosystem!

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