Hi! I should start by introducing myself. My name is Abby Fraher and I will be a junior at Auburn University this Fall. I am FuelNOW’s first marketing intern… well, first intern ever, and I have joined the FuelNOW team for the summer of 2018. Coming into things, I was extremely excited to get started but I was not quite sure what to expect. Now, after being on the team for only two weeks, I am more than positive that I will leave FuelNOW with more knowledge than I could have ever imagined. This knowledge goes far beyond marketing experience and practice. I am learning what it means to work at a tech startup and I am gaining exposure to all aspects of the company as I collaborate with and receive detailed training from each member of the team. I use the word team intentionally as it describes the dynamics of FuelNOW most accurately. Walking into work each day, I can feel the energy and passion emulating from each person in the office. We all collaborate and work together simultaneously towards the same goal and the “buzz” is a result of FuelNOW’s unique culture – with each FuelNOW-er being autonomously awesome in their own way.

No two days are ever alike at the office and that is what I have enjoyed the most. Since I started, I have been exposed to a great overview of how to manage a social media marketing plan. It has been very interesting learning how to portray the company’s idiomatic culture and mission through self-created content. In addition to marketing strategies, I have been educated on a plethora of extremely useful topics such as the ins and outs of fuel logistics, how to use Salesforce and even how to update a website on WordPress. I am extremely fortunate to work with a group of people who care about my growth and development. Because of this, I have had the opportunity to sit in on a variety of customer/partner meetings to learn and absorb, which has been the most insightful part of my internship thus far. All of these things combined are strongly preparing me for my future in the workforce.

It is abundantly evident that I am working for a company like no other. Everyone has put complete trust in my abilities and allowed me to put my own personal touch on things through trial and error. My next job has big shoes to fill. I will never take my time as a FuelNOW-er for granted!

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  1. Bridgette Penel

    Abby, we are so fortunate to have you as a FuelNOW-er, even in the capacity of being an intern. Intern, or not, you bring a unique dynamic to the team and we all enjoy working alongside you. And, even more rewarding is our ability to be part of your growth. Internship, or not, you’ll always be a forever FuelNOW-er!

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