Houston, Texas – June 20, 2019 – FuelNOW is pleased to welcome Mushahid “Mush” Khan as President. In this role, Mush will focus on leading, growing, and aligning the FuelNOW team by building a culture based on innovative thinking, continuous learning, better performance, and creating value for customers.

“Every day, hundreds of millions of gallons of fuel, lubricants and other products move around the world,” said Mush. “Almost all of it flows through a series of complicated and disconnected systems, both manual and electronic. The FNN team has taken on the challenge of fundamentally transforming the way these products move by creating the world’s leading last mile logistics platform for energy commodities. Our team has a remarkable opportunity to change the way energy flows around the world. Every day, we focus on creating exponential change, so we can help bring energy for everyone.”

Mush has an extensive history of leading organizations and creating strategic growth. He is the founder and CEO of mkhangroup (MKG), an investment and advisory firm targeting companies in manufacturing and related industries.  Mush founded MKG in 2015 with a mission to create fast growing manufacturing companies that can leverage next generation technologies. Mush is also the President and CEO of APS Plastics and Manufacturing (APS), a full-service custom plastic component manufacturer.

Before founding MKG and serving as President and CEO at APS, Mush was President and Chief Operating Officer at O’Rourke Petroleum for 11 years, where he led the company through significant growth, both in size and profitability. With Mush at the helm, O’Rourke grew from 60 to nearly 200 employees, and profitability increased by more than 10% each year.  He also expanded the company’s geographic reach through acquisitions that led to new sales and distribution facilities throughout Texas.

“As FuelNOW continues to grow, having a passionate leader like Mush makes us excited for what the future holds”, said Sam Simon, Founder and Chairman of Simon Group Holdings. “Mush has the experience, knowledge, and tenacity to take the FuelNOW team to the next level and make a significant change in our world; By helping to create energy for everyone.” 

In addition to his responsibilities with FuelNOW, Mush is an avid community supporter.  He currently holds a board position with TXRX Labs, KIPP Houston Public Schools, Connect Communities, and is past board chair of Crisis Intervention of Houston as well as Devereaux Texas Treatment Centers.  He is also an active member of Young Presidents Organization (YPO), Greater Houston Partnership advanced manufacturing workgroup, and Houston Exponential’s advanced manufacturing workgroup.

About FuelNOW

FuelNOW is a digital technology stack that empowers the last mile ecosystem of wholesalers, carriers, drivers and ultimate customers towards smarter, faster deliveries. They aim to be the digital marketplace and technology where everyone in the ecosystem connects and engages in a uniquely digital way, ultimately getting everyone paid exponentially faster. FuelNOW is a tech startup in the Simon Group Holdings energy technology portfolio. Discover more about FuelNOW’s mission, culture, and team at www.now.network.

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