Houston, Texas – Jan. 7, 2020 – In preparation for immense growth initiatives in 2020, The NOW Network is assembling an in-house development team at its headquarters in Houston, Texas. The team will support the expansion of The NOW Network’s last mile logistics platform, which provides wholesalers, 3PL carriers, drivers and end users complete visibility and accuracy throughout the fuel delivery lifecycle.

“Bringing development in-house will offer immense value to our team members, customers and 3PL partners as we continue to expand globally,” said The Now Network President, Mush Khan. “This strategic commitment will improve efficiencies throughout the organization, allowing us to roll out new features quickly, troubleshoot on-demand and develop a deeper understanding of our customers’ needs driving our solutions. Also, I am pleased to add to Houston’s energy technology community.”

Aaron Perez, Paul Sesar, Ryan Hansen and Oksana Kaliniouk joined The Now Network team as Senior Developers in Q4, bringing with them a combined 65 years of experience in software design, development, implementation and maintenance. Stacey McCroskey, Director of Product, will be leading the team. Their breadth of knowledge and innovative, customer-focused approach to software/product development will be instrumental in expanding The Now Network’s current technology stack, while identifying opportunities for improvement as the platform continues to evolve.

“Over the years, The Now Network has seen immense growth, consistently advancing its technology framework to drive faster payments, increased driver retention, an expanded 3PL network, and increased business revenue,” said Founder, Chairman & Owner, Sam Simon. “The addition of an in-house development team will only amplify this growth, promoting more opportunities for cross-collaboration and customer feedback, to expand upon and refine existing features.”

The Now Network’s office is strategically located in Houston, the energy capital of the world, home to more than 500 exploration and production firms, 800 oilfield service companies and 90 pipelines transportation establishments. Building a development team onsite at this strategic location will provide time-zone alignment for The Now Network customers, increasing support throughout implementation, product management and the entire development lifecycle.  

To learn more about The Now Network and schedule a product tour, visit  www.now.network or call 1.833.fuelnow.

About The NOW Network

The Now Network is a digital technology stack that empowers the last mile ecosystem of wholesalers, carriers, drivers and ultimate customers towards smarter, faster deliveries. They aim to be the digital marketplace and technology where everyone in the ecosystem connects and engages in a uniquely digital way, ultimately getting everyone paid exponentially faster. The Now Network is a tech startup in the Simon Group Holdings energy technology portfolio. Discover more about The Now Network’s mission, culture, and team at www.now.network.

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