Conveniences Through Technology…Simplifies My Life

There are a few things in life that I have a distaste for; going to the dry cleaners, going to the grocery store, mopping my floors and stopping to buy gas. I mostly solved the dry cleaner issue by buying clothes that don’t require dry cleaning. I hired a housekeeper that comes on Thursday and takes care of the floors. I rarely go to the grocery store instead opting for Kroger’s Clicklist. 

But there was still the daunting task of having to fill-up my vehicle with gas, when all I really want to do is go home. A couple of weeks ago during an impromptu meeting, my boss mentions Yoshi. “What the heck is a Yoshi?”, I asked. He explained that it was a fuel delivery service that would come to wherever you are and fill up your vehicle with gas. It took me about 15 seconds to find the app on my phone and download that baby! I found out that I could schedule a fill-up for any day of the week during any 4-hour window. All for just $16.00 per month for the first month! It sure seemed worth it to me because I could check off one more thing that I have an absolute distaste for. I signed up on a Wednesday for a fill-up on Friday between 9a-2p. Not only did I sign-up but I shared a referral link with my co-workers. Friday came and I received a text that my Yoshi delivery was on its way. We had one little hiccup since our parking garage can be difficult to locate due to being behind the building. But I received a text, was able to respond quickly, and the Yoshi driver found me within minutes. I had some questions and really wanted to know more so I met them at my vehicle. The vehicle was equipped with four 150-gallon fuel tanks with a high-speed pump. I asked where the gas came from and the technician informed me it was Exxon since they are a partner with Yoshi. The technician was very professional and made sure to place an absorbent pad below my gas tank to keep any gas from getting on my SUV. All of this for just $4.00 and $2.07 per gallon! Now let’s do the math. I purchased approximately 16 gallons of gas at $2.07. Adding the $4.00 service fee, that equals out to $2.32 per gallon and the last time I filled up gas was $2.39 per gallon. AND my boss signed up under my referral so this Friday I will only pay $.50 a gallon. Not only am I saving time but I am also minimizing my exposure to credit card theft by not swiping my card at a terminal and most importantly, I don’t have to worry about who may be lingering around the corner to steal from me or harm me in some way.  

This also makes me wonder about the changes in the world today. Could something like Yoshi transform the way people buy fuel? What could happen to the thousands of convenience stores? How could this change the game for them? Could it be that these retail locations start delivering fuel on-site? Retail locations are already feeling the financial pinch due to extended gas mileage and electric vehicles. Not to mention the self-driving vehicles that will certainly be a part of our everyday life before we know it. I remember as a little girl going to the gas station with my grandpa. There was an attendant that would fill-up your vehicle and wash your windshield while you waited inside of your car. Also, they almost always had a mechanic garage attached where you could get your oil and windshield wipers changed, tires rotated, and brakes repaired, amongst other things. Unlike most retail location, apart from tires rotated, Yoshi provides those services too!

Here is another thought about the modern conveniences that seem to be on the rise, regulations! According to this article Kempner: When the gas station comes to you, why have a gas station? Yoshi “designed everything from our equipment, to our processes and software to be not only compliant but optimized for safety,” the CEO said. We shall see! I have a feeling there will be a fight to save market share by the convenience store industry similar to when the taxi industry challenged their competition Uber as shown here Uber vs. Taxi: What’s the Difference? Either way, I’ll continue to enjoy these new conveniences and I am looking forward to what’s next!

Care to join Yoshi, use my code (TAMIS4762) and save me even more, thanks!

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