Fuel Wholesalers: Why You Need Software to Manage Your 3PL Network


In the age of information, it’s likely that you’re already using a wide variety of software to manage key business functions like accounting, order management, customer service, dispatching and more. So why not also take a systematic approach to managing your 3PL network transactions?

Let’s take a look at how implementing a full-service 3PL management system can help speed up the order to cash cycle and reduce overall costs for your business.

Now Network Wholesaler 3PL Infographic

3PL carriers are each using their own unique dispatch system to email invoices, BOLs and delivery tickets to your back office for processing. This is probably fine if you’re only working with a handful of carriers but can turn into a major headache when you start working with 10, 20, 30 and beyond.  

Now Network Cost InfographicYour back-office team will start spending hours upon hours on manually entering invoices and sorting through paper documents. Without proper bandwidth and a centralized tool in place, mistakes will begin to happen. Studies estimate that anywhere from one to 10% of manual entries are typos. When looking at rework, and managing incorrect/delayed payments, the costs can become exponential.

This isn’t even accounting for the cost of printing. If your average back office worker uses 10,000 sheets a paper a year, at $40 per case, plus toner and ink, you’re looking at spending an additional $500+ a year per person. When adding in the cost of storing this paper, your annual spend is driven even higher.

Putting cost aside, this can be an extremely time-consuming process. With an automated system in place, your back-office team has the freedom to focus on higher value initiatives resulting in an improved customer experience, higher employee morale and increased organizational growth opportunities. Not to mention, faster invoicing and payments will give you access to more of your own working capital.

Now Network Back Office Time Infographic

That’s where we come in. At NOW Network, we’re laser focused on finding a better way. Our mission is to evolve the last mile experience for all parties, providing equal engagement and full visibility throughout a delivery’s life cycle. Our experienced team will help you integrate your existing software to the NOW Network platform, eliminating manual keying, delayed invoices and the need for a billing inbox.

The best part? We have a trusted network of carriers already established through the platform. If you’re comfortable with your current carriers and would like to integrate your existing 3PL network instead, we’re happy to lead that process.

Interested in learning how our 3PL management software can positively impact your organization? Schedule time with an experienced member of our team at sales@now.network !

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