Podcast Episode #2: The Approach of Autonomous Trucking


The second podcast episode of the NOW Revolution, by The NOW Network, has been released. You can find the episode on YouTube or Spotify.

Episode 2 featured Mush Khan, the President at The NOW Network, interviewing Allan Rutter with the Texas A&M Transportation Institute and Daniel Goff of Kodiak Robotics about autonomous trucking. They focus on the pace of technology innovation and the importance of safety. They discuss what safety measures are currently in place and why autonomous trucking will reduce the overall number of trucks on the road because of better asset utilization.



For a full transcript of the podcast, click here.


Here is a short bio of each of our guests.

Allan Rutter

Allan Rutter leads the Freight and Investment Analysis Division at the Texas A&M Transportation Institute (TTI). In this role he guides the implementation of a strategic plan for TTI’s freight activities, as well as serving in a coordination role for freight. The focus of his development work is on national and international opportunities with public and private sponsors. Previously, he has worked as the Executive Director of the North Texas Tollway Authority, Administrator of the Federal Railroad Administration, and Transportation Policy Director for the Office of Governor George W. Bush.

Daniel Goff

Danial Goff is the head of policy at Kodiak robotics. Kodiak is a startup dedicated to putting self-driving long haul trucks on the road. They were founded a little over two years ago and are based in Silicon Valley, but do most of the testing and deployment in Texas. They deliver freight daily between Dallas and Houston. Previously, Daniel was the Managing Director for Tusk Strategies, Senior Consultant for the Accelerate Group, and President of DKG Consulting.


Listen to the full podcast on YouTube or Spotify and let us know what you think.


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