We build amazing experiences together

We're a fast growing company looking for talented individuals who can help us make major impacts in the last mile ecosystem.

Why come work for us?

We are building something that changes logistics delivery and engagement for the better - every day. And that’s one of the best parts about working here – knowing that the work you do helps shape the future. As NOW-ers, embarking upon that bright future means solving some of the most difficult problems of the present. We know it takes a lot of hard work and a tremendous amount of love for our mission – our colleagues – our customers – and our partners. This is why we covet the culture and environment of NOW. We enjoy working amongst bright, energetic minds to make the impact we all believe in and are dedicated to!

Company Perks

Flexible Work Environment

We are a dynamic, high-performant team that thrives in the work + life environment the NOW culture embodies. Our motto: Let's Grow and Let's Just Get It Done.

Awesome Colleagues

Our appreciation for individual value contribution - check. Our respect for autonomous awesomeness - double check. We love surrounding ourselves with greatness, every day.

Paid Holidays

Work Hard - Rest and Adventure Hard! If water skiing on a pink flamingo floaty is your thing - we'll cheer you on as you embark on your own paid holiday adventures as a NOW-er.

Competitive Salary

We offer a competitive compensation and benefits package that will motivate and appreciate you at the same time 🙂

Come Grow With Us

Interested in Becoming A NOW-er? AWESOME! Currently, we have no openings. If you'd like to be alerted on opportunities in the future click below and subscribe to our job alerts!

Our Office

NOW's headquarters are located in Downtown Birmingham, MI. Our space is a great place to keep up with your work + life balance!