FuelNOW Readiness Phase



Onboarding is a time in your product adoption journey at FuelNOW that is specifically focused on prepping your software for you! In order to get you ready to enter into Onboarding, there are a number of items we'll need to get from you so that we can position a fast product readiness experience once you've entered Onboarding.

Carrier Company Set-Up File

The list of data elements above are important to capture in one comprehensive place. That is why we've made available our Carrier Company Profile spreadsheet for download. Simply download the file, and reference each worksheet tab to acquaint yourself with where each set of data needs to be provided. This spreadsheet comes with guided information on how to provide the data-sets, as well as an example of what an ideal data record looks like. Naturally, should you have any questions or need assistance, reach out to your Customer Success Manager and they'll be happy to help!

Carrier Existing Freight Rates File

Have a large set of freight rates that you'd prefer be mass-uploaded during product set-up? Great! Here is a spreadsheet you can use to provide all of the freight rate details. At any point in time, if a question arises connect with your Customer Success Manager!