Your Experience

... is more important to us than you know.

A Core Collective Mission.

We recognize the product adoption experience and value realization you receive is a large factor to your overall success.  There are so many paths an individual, or company, could take to adopting our product.  This is exactly why we put great attention and time to crafting an adoption experience meant to guide you to your fullest potential and value when using our platform. Almost like our own software where we focus on the most efficient and effective routes for smarter deliveries, we applied the same principals to the experience we aim to give you as you begin to learn and use NOW.

There is a great team working collectively at NOW ready to serve you, whose whole mission is to bring our product into your hands with an unparalleled experience.  Let us introduce you to this team and to what you can expect during your initial journey in using NOW!

First Things First: Let's Introduce You To Your NOW Team.

Customer Success

The team that serves as your primary liaison in guiding you towards reaching your maximum potential.

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Explore more behind what Customer Success can really do for you. They are quite the rockstar team that high-fives when they see you getting value you aimed at achieving!
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The team with the sole responsibility of configuring your product to the point you are able to begin using it!

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Learn more about the team set to prepare your product for adoption. Get information about what to expect when preparing for and engaging with Onboarding.
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Knowledge and Training

The team eager to have you flying high on your product. They are dedicated to bringing product knowledge and training to you and your team.

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Explore more behind what the knowledge and training team has to offer ... from demos, videos, written guides, and more!
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Customer Support

The team dedicated to answering your questions when you need to reach out for help. Look at them as your problem solving heroes!

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Learn more about how Customer Support can serve you as you continue to explore the product - or at any point you need help.
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Getting Ready.

There is a method to our madness in getting you on your way to doing amazing things with NOW and the below serves as a general guide to what you’ll want to prepare for as you partner with Customer Success during your initial product adoption experience.  

Step 1.

NOW Tour Phase

Let's begin your product adoption journey with getting some initial things in place, letting your Customer Success Manager serve as your guide. Ultimately, the time spent in this part of your journey is in working with your Customer Success Manager in getting everything needed to prepare you to enter into product onboarding. Activities for onboarding begin in Step 2.

Main Activities and Objectives of This Phase.

  • Collect all of the necessary information required for the Customer Success team to deem your readiness to move into Onboarding, which begins at Step 2.
  • If integrations is part of your journey playbook, we’ll use this time to obtain all of the important information to get ready to assume integration activities in Step 2.
  • Product demos and introductions are an option during this period – we prefer you get as many opportunities as possible to learn about NOW even before you use it!
  • Identify and confirm your Readiness Kick-Off date with your team on the NOW Onboarding team.

Step 2.

Readiness Phase

The product is ready - now you should be. Here is where we'll collectively work in getting the product configured while making sure the end-users across your organization are trained up and confident in how to work in the NOW Network platform to support their role.

Main Activities and Objectives of This Phase.

  • The onboarding team will set-up and configure your software to meet the specifications best fit for your business.
  • If integrations is a part of your solution, this is the time your integrations tool is set-up, configured, and tested.
  •  With some initial exposure to learning our product thru demo participation or watching our videos we recognize you may want to have just a little more hands-on, individual training time with us.  The onboarding team definitely wants to be that trusted source of getting you comfortable with the major workflows of the technology so that you are confidently using NOW.  
  • Your Customer Success Manager facilitates the opportunity to meet your Customer Support heroes and reviewing the support experience you can trust on as you prepare to begin using NOW!

Step 3.

Get NOW-ing Phase

It is time to do your first orders as a NOW-er ... we're here every step of the way, helping keep watchful eye on how your adoption progression is going across your organization.

Main Activities and Objectives of This Phase.

  • You’re using your NOW platform, but your Customer Success team wants to partner in keeping close watch on how things are coming along for you, and your organization.  This is why we conduct daily assessments on your orders and determine your daily health score.  
  • We’ll perform regular reviews of areas for excellence improvement opportunities together, helping position your team for best practice workflows and product use.
  • We also like to share your first 30 days snapshot of how you’ve performed, continuing to serve as your advocates for excellence and growth!

Step 4.

Blast Off Phase

The last phase of your product adoption journey is what we call: Blast Off. By this point you should have already passed 30-days since your go live and your team is humming along in their new NOW Network platform. You've proven you are fully in the driver's seat. We'll make sure you've got everything you need to keep soaring.

Main Activities and Objectives of This Phase.

  • We’ll keep bringing intel to you on how your order excellence is performing and bring best practice insights, targeted training opportunities, and much more to keep you moving up the ladder towards new heights!
  • Your Customer Success team will establish success initiatives aimed at driving improvement and growth opportunities … and they’ll establish the right cadence for business reviews to make sure NOW maintains awareness to where we can continue to serve you and your organization.